Accounting Degrees and Schools

Accounting Degrees and Good Schools
As the world and business environments continues to change, businesses and other organizations face complex financial needs and challenges which require the help from professionals in the accounting field. The demand for experienced and innovative accountants has never been higher.

Students who pursue a degree in accounting have great job prospects even during economic downturns. The skills you acquire through accounting courses will enable you to gather, analyze, interpret and communicate financial records and findings within an organization as well as parties outside the company. Contrary to the stereotype, accounting is not boring and accountants can experience an interesting workplace and career.

Some of the typical courses accounting students take include:
• Accounting information systems and software
• Risk assessment
• Tax preparation
• Auditing
• Bookkeeping
• Ethics
• Payroll accounting
• Forensic accounting
• Managerial accounting
• Intermediate financial accounting
• Cost accounting
• Personal finance
• Financial reporting
• Information systems auditing
• International accounting
• Financial statement analysis
• Federal taxation

Earning a degree in accountingWhile every college's curriculum is different and you will have various electives to choose from, most accounting degree schools try to structure the classes in this major so that graduates are as prepared as possible to not only pass the CPA exam, but also to succeed in their profession.

What types of companies employ accounting graduates?
The job outlook on accounting students is very promising. Reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that about 1.3 million jobs are occupied by auditors and accountants. These workers are employed in government agencies and the private sector. And about 10 percent of them are self employed either as accountants or auditors.

Some of the organizations hiring accounting graduates include:
• Federal agencies such as the Treasury Department, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service
• Private businesses
• Brokerage firms
• Commercial and investment banks
• Public accounting firms
• Savings associations
• Educational institutions
• Social service agencies
• State regulatory agencies
• Credit unions

Job titles and responsibilities available for graduates
The department of labor estimates that job opportunities for accountants are likely to grow by about 20 percent in the next decade. Over 200,000 new jobs will arise in this sector during this period. This demand for accountants can be attributed to increased foreign business competition, changing financial laws, corporate regulations and transparency pressures from shareholders.

Some of the jobs that graduates may initially qualify for include:
• Accounting clerk
• Internal auditor
• Billing assistant
• Financial analyst
• Junior accountant
• Accounts payable specialist
• Staff accountant
• Cost accountant
• Operations analyst
• Technical accountant
• Internal control analyst

A large percentage of graduates will be working in public accounting so they will be studying to take the CPA exam. Most graduates attempt the exam as soon after graduation as possible.

A bachelor's degree in accounting will help you develop skills and understand general and specific accounting concepts. Upon graduation, you should be in a position to apply the knowledge and skills you acquired and get started in what could be a pretty great career.

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