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You should be able to locate a four-year undergraduate accounting degree program at your local college. Colleges in cities from San Jose to Nashville and many of the places in between have schools that give out degrees in accounting.

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Most students know by the end of their freshman year whether or not they are suited for an accounting major. Students who still want a degree in business, but realize they just aren't the accounting type, will often veer off slightly into either finance or business administration. Finance is considered a bit more about planning than accounting, which at many levels is more about record keeping.

And if you find that the whole area of business is not what you're looking for at all, you can always try something that doesn't require an undergraduate degree, like the culinary arts. While culinary training doesn't require a four-year degree, not every city has a good cooking school. Cities like Miami and Cleveland are large enough to offer schools that will train potential chefs, but many mid-sized and smaller cities won't.

Click here if you have tried accounting and just don't like it and you want to try something completely different (and something that doesn't take a college degree), something like massage therapy.
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