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For some reason, colleges in the upper midwest produce a lot of accounting majors. The Big Ten schools such as University of Wisconsin system, Illinois state colleges and Minnesota colleges graduate plenty of capable students and the big accounting firms make sure to stop by during campus interview weeks to try and find some good new hires.

Not every student wants to go to a Big Ten college. Some students want the night life, warmth and fun of a school in Florida or Arizona. Some students find it hard to attend college in Florida because of the warm weather. To some students, it feels like you are going to summer school all year long.

Earning an associate's degree could be your education answer as many community colleges, technical schools, and trade schools offer two-year degree programs. Learn more at

College isn't for every young person. If you are looking for more of a bookkeeping career rather than a CPA type of career, you can probably attend a trade school or vocational college and learn just enough to get your first job. You won't need to devote four years to a university. Find out more

If accounting just isn't your thing, there are plenty of other great college majors. Computer animation is one that comes to mind. Using advanced computer software programs to develop animation and visual arts for television and the internet is a hot field and one that most people also find pretty fun. Find out more

Click here if you actually hate the idea of becoming an accountant and would rather do something different -- such as become an interior designer -- hey, it could happen.
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