Accounting Degrees and Schools

Schools and Degrees

There are colleges all across the country that offer accounting degrees. You can find them in states from California to Kentucky and in cities from Las Vegas to Cincinnati.

Good accounting programs not only train students in the fundamentals of accounting, but also prepares them to take the CPA exam after graduation. While most graduates study hard for the CPA exam after they leave college, it's much easier to take the test as soon as possible after graduation while the fundamentals are still fresh in the young accountant's head.

During their undergraduate years, most accounting majors don't need to take a minor, but some do, often in a related business field, such as information systems management or finance, or in an unrelated field that will help to prepare them for public speaking or communications.

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If you are considering a career in accounting, it's a good idea to speak with as many working accountants as you can. You can ask their advice, find out what the daily work is like, etc. Your city has several you could call. For example, in Minneapolis, could speak with you and help you out.

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